Viscometer: Viscometer ViscoStar™

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On-line differential viscometer with unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio, low baseline drift and noise. Accepts external signals for zero, purge, and recycle. Ethernet and USB communications, full color LCD display conveys data at a glance. Transducer Protection System (TPS) and user-selectable delay volumes also included!

Biomolecule Analysis: ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio System

For laboratories that know biomolecules sometimes need to work harder to move through a chromatographic instrument, the biocompatible ACQUITY UPLC® H-Class Bio System is ready.

Engineered with a bio-inert flow path made of non-stainless-steel materials, the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio System keeps large molecules intact and on the move, for better sample recovery and no carryover, whether the chromatographic mode you're using is reversed phase (RP), ion exchange (IEX), size exclusion (SEC), or hydrophilic interaction (HILIC).

The ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio System delivers the benefits of UPLC's resolution, sensitivity, and throughput in a system purpose-built for the analysis of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and glycans. Built on the foundation of the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System, with its flow-through-needle injector, quaternary solvent delivery system, and AutoBlend Plus™ technology, the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio System gives you more control than ever over your bioseparation.

The ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio System enables you to run more chromatographic modes on an application-inspired UPLC platform for biopharmaceutical analysis. The result: better peak clarity and selectivity in a system that allows you to confidently, routinely, and robustly characterize your biomolecule. 

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Bioprocess Analyzer: Roche Launches Cedex Bio Bioprocess Analyzer

Roche Launches Cedex Bio Bioprocess Analyzer for Reliable Metabolite Profiling and Substrate Analysis in Biotherapeutics Manufacturing

A vast majority of biotherapeutics are manufactured in either bacterial or mammalian expression systems. Metabolite profiling and substrate analysis during the fermentation process is critical to ensure optimal conditions for production and will trigger actions such as feed, improvement of oxygenation, adjustment of pH etc. The new Cedex Bio Bioprocess Analyzer from Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY) is a continuous random-access analyser, enabling for a safe and reliable determination of chemical and biochemical parameters in aqueous solutions.

The compact desktop system is designed to fulfill the essential needs for metabolite screening and substrate analysis of bioprocesses. Its comprehensive testing capabilities include photometric testing and electrolyte testing. The measurement of up to 14 parameters simultaneously (out of 28 programmable tests) is possible per sample. The Cedex Bio Bioprocess Analyzer is easy to operate, enabling continuous loading and unloading of diverse cup types as well as on board dilution of highly concentrated samples. New parameters can be implemented by „plug and play“ and a development channel for individual assay customization is planned.

“Bioprocess analytics are performed throughout the process from cell line development to large scale manufacturing of commercialized therapeutics. The majority of testing takes place during the upscale from plate-size to pre-clinical or early clinical studies supply – this is where the Cedex Bio Bioprocess Analyzer fits in perfectly. It is an accurate and reliable tool, providing bioprocess metabolite profiling, which is critical for the optimal production of biotherapeutics,” stated Thomas Baier, Life Cycle Leader Custom Biotech at Roche Applied Science.

The Cedex Bio Analyzer was developed utilizing the proven cobas® Instrument technology from Roche. Assays for the determination of Glucose, Lactate, LDH, Ammonia, Na+, K+, Glutamine and Glutamate are available with the instrument. LDH as a parameter for cell death is unique in the metabolite profiling. Future parameters like an IgG measurement with comparable precision to HPLC analysis will be available, soon.

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Outsourced Services: Pfizer CentreSource

Pfizer CentreSource (PCS) is a leading supplier of steroid products and a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer that offers a range of GMP compliant outsourcing services to meet your pharmaceutical production requirements. A part of Pfizer Global Supply (PGS), PCS provides steroid APIs and antibiotics; GMP custom fermentation services; manufacturing and packaging of finished dosage forms; product development, process development, and advanced manufacturing for high potency oral solid drug product; and sterile-manufacturing-packaging bioprocessing development and manufacturing.

Cell culture Analysis: Bioprofile CDV

BioProfile CDV incorporates advanced, state-of-the-art technology for rapid, accurate measurement of cell density and cell viability in cell cultures. Based on the widely recognized and accepted trypan blue exclusion method, BioProfile CDV combines advanced technology in robotics, optics and computer algorithms in a highly automated analyzer:

Walk-Away Sample Analysis

A fully-automated 12-position sample tray allows walk-away sample analyses. Samples can be continuously added to the tray, allowing continuous workflow.

Easy to Use, Intuitive Interface

BioProfile CDV’s touchscreen interface includes time saving features like an autocomplete function for faster same ID, batch ID, vessel ID and cell type entry. Operation is as simple as entering sample information, loading sample cups, and touching Analyze. Results are displayed for each sample as soon as testing is complete.

High Resolution Vision System

A high resolution vision system provides precise auto–focusing on a mono-layer of cells within the counting chamber and captures high quality cell images. Images from up to 40 optical fields are captured in seconds.

Fast Cell Counts, Less Than 3 Minutes

BioProfile CDV automation, high-speed image capture and image processing combine to provide fast cell counts and high throughput. A comprehensive cell count is available in less than 3 minutes, with throughput up to 20 samples per hour. Test results include:

  •     Total cell density
  •     Viable cell density
  •     Percent viability
  •     Live cell diameter
  •     Live cell standard deviation/histogram

Accurate, Reproducible Cell Counts

Advanced algorithms rapidly process images from up to 40 optical fields, allowing thousands of cells to be counted for more accurate, reproducible cell counts.
BioProfile CDV Accurate, reproducible cell counts

Low Cost of Operation

BioProfile CDV reduces operating cost by consuming minimal reagent volumes. Easy to use reagent cartridges analyze over 300 samples per cartridge and can be replaced in minutes.
BioProfile CDV low cost of operation

With a high resolution measurement range of up to 80 million cells per milliliter and a cell count analysis time of less than 3 minutes, BioProfile CDV is the ideal productivity tool for biopharmaceutical cell culturing, production, and cell-based research.

To request BioProfile CDV literature and specifications, click here.

Lab Services: Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, a global leader in comprehensive laboratory services, enables pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies to advance candidates from development through commercialization while ensuring regulatory compliance, cost effectiveness, and achievement of timelines.

Global Pharmaceutical and biotech services include viral clearance and safety, microbiology, biochemistry, cell-bank manufacturing, release testing, and mycroplasma testing.

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